Our Services

Depending on your demands, wishes and network requirements, we advise you to choose the appropriate and optimal equipment configuration. For more complex layouts we use a 3D image of an existing map or a drone lidar scan to check and determine the LOS (Line of Site) visibility.   We also organize training for more demanding users.   We provide a free of charge time-limited radio systems testing period for potential clients.

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Network Design and NOC setup

With modern WiNDE software, we design and optimize your network to ensure optimal interference-free connections.

Using Management and System Control Center (EMS), the network operator or user can now manage & control the entire access network from a single unified dashboard, supporting a wide range of network management functions, including fault, performance, topology, maps, configuration, monitoring and dashboarding. Our solution dynamically optimizes resource usage for maximizing network performance and link assurance.

Network Construction and Installing

With professionally trained and experienced installers, we build and implement a radio system in your new or existing network. Either for simpler installations on-street infrastructure and poles, all the way to installation on all types of residential and commercial buildings, as well as telecommunication and electric towers.

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Our Activities

We are a company specializing in advanced wireless radio systems. Our experts provide you with a full range of services from consulting, equipment testing, to design, construction, installation, monitoring and managing of the entire network.